Gallery photographer Jono Winnel has been flyfishing since he first caught a carp in a New South Wales, Australia, river at the age of 12. From that moment, he realized his passions: fish and fishing. Now an ecologist and a flyfishing photographer, Winnel’s images are clean, simple and beautiful. Armed with a camera and a flyrod, he is able to capture the moments that draw us all to the sport: huddled under a tarp waiting out a storm, admiring a beautiful fish, the patterns of ripples on the water and the texture of rocks under it.

Words: Lisa Machin

I try to create images that evoke the sense of flyfishing rather than the cliché images that are so easy to take. It’s the best thing about being alive, I reckon,” Jono says. “Seeing and learning and trying new things, it’s what keeps me going… what’s around the next corner. That can be a metaphor for anything…

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