Bluefish are often looked at as a particularly jagged speedbump on the road to a more envious catch. But in dirty Jersey you take what you can get–and, as Brody Quint might argue, these trash-compactors of the ocean are worth every inch of line.

Words: Brody Quint

“I don’t really give a damn if you’re casting to bluefin tuna 50 miles out or striped bass along the beach: the old bluefish switch play will bite you eventually. You could be in a boat surrounded by your target species. You’re so excited your mouth is dry and your hands shake. You know the second the bug touches the surface, you’ll connect. So you lay one out, and somehow, the lane of sexy species parts around the fly just long enough for a bluefish to bust through out of nowhere, grab the offering, and turn five dollars worth of bucktail and Mylar to shit in a split-second slash.”

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