Artist Tito Saenz Rozas grew up in Argentina with twin obsessions: flyfishing and art. Both, it seems, came easy to him. Rozas grew up in a flyfishing family but it was his mother who instilled in him her love for art. However, not even mom could have guessed that his two favorite artisT—the surrealist Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborator Florencio Molina Campo—would meet in his outrageously whacked caricatures. From angry brown trout with furiously bulging eyes to slightly mystified golden dorado waiting to be released, Rozas’ work is funny, charming and a refreshing take on the grip and grin.

I was born in Buenos Aires during the summer of 1974 and remember drawing before I could walk. My subjects were boats, fish and gauchos. I’m still painting those subjects, but, I think, in a better way.Subscribe to start your collection of the world’s best flyfishing publication.


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