Don’t all flyfishing photographers live in fish-rich environments like Montana, Colorado or Belize? Not if your name is Rob Yaskovic and you proudly call the Garden State of New Jersey home. Jersey, says this issue’s featured shooter, “is not what you think it is.” Indeed, Yaskovic’s New Jersey is filled with bass, bluegills, pickerel – even albacore and stripers — and his images capture a place that’s still wild, beautiful and full of hungry fish.

Photos and Words: Rob YaskovicI am a better photographer than flyfisherman. I know that and I am OK with it. I started fishing about five years ago and fished for a solid year without catching a single fish. Finally, I caught a 12-inch smallmouth that I was sight-casting to. However, I was not paying attention and broke my rod seconds later. Still amped up, I drove home and exclaimed to my wife and three kids (I have four kids now) that I finally caught a fish and that I broke my rod. My wife, without missing a beat, asked, “Over your knee, like, in celebration?!” They continue to put up with my triumphant tales of landing eight-inch trout.Subscribe to start your collection of the world’s best flyfishing publication.


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