Preparing for a day on the Louisiana Coast is typically a pleasurable experience, but when The Man is breathing down your neck, attitudes quickly change from optimistic to annoyed.

Visibly flustered, the detective clenches his eyes shut and rubs his greasy forehead. “If your client is charged, then he will have a trial—but at this point all we have is a preliminary investigation. So can we stay on track, here? I’d like to get out of this heat.”

The guide looks around at the heat and gives the detective a snappy little salute. “Roger that.” The detective opens his notebook again and thumbs through several pages of scribbled entries. “Okay, back to the fish he’s been catching… you say they’re mostly redfish?”

“That’s right.”

“Are they tough to reel in?”

“The big ones are.”

“Does Allen catch big ones?”


“Care to elaborate?”

“On some days they’re small and on some days they’re big…”

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