Steady Rolling: How Alvin Dedeaux Became Himself

“With a name like Erik Ogershok, you have to be a metal singer,” Alvin Dedeaux says just before he drops a streamer into the water. “I mean come on, it’s perfect.”

We’re on the Colorado River, near Austin, TX, and Dedeaux is waxing poetic about the local metal scene. Ogershok, a metal guitarist turned local beer brewer, is just one of a few names that pop up during our conversation. In between casts, Dedeaux is trying his best to explain the difference between black metal and death metal. He’s doing better than most, but the distinction seems gray at best. He tells a story about another metal singer who was arrested for kidnapping and allegedly torturing a man just for challenging his “metal-ness.” Apparently, that’s a death metal thing to do. Now it’s making sense.

This is just one of the many topics we hit, but it seems to stick. It’s obvious that while his musician days are behind him, Dedeaux still likes to discuss music and all of its nuances while guiding. He retrieves his line slowly and gets a bump from something, immediately casting back to the same spot. No luck on the return cast…

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