How to Think About Bob Clay

The legend of Bob Clay is already well established: He’s one of the finest bamboo rod builders and steelhead fishermen on earth. To cast one of his cane spey rods is to feel the rhythm of nature. To fish with him is to learn and understand nuances of the steelhead world you probably never even considered. 

What can I add to these photos that somehow captures the idea of starting with a giant stalk of grass and turning it into a high-performance fly rod? 

What can I tell you about the painstaking process and commitment to the deepest levels of craftsmanship that go into each of Bob’s gorgeous Riverwatch rods?…

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The Flyfish Journal Volume 13 Issue 1 Feature How To Think About Bob Clay

above Hand-flaming the bamboo culm of a rod helps drive out existing moisture. This stage also sets the color tone; it takes great skill to achieve a uniform hue.

Photo: Haruki Noguchi


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