Art: Bri Dostie



Bri Dostie’s New Point of View

Bri Dostie lives in a confluence, a mixture of nature, art, pioneering women, community and angling, all against the backdrop of the Maine outdoors. The relationships and connections between them fuel her work, her art and her angling, and, not surprisingly, these pursuits also flow together.

Homeschooled by her mother (who she affectionately refers to as a “nature nerd”) in Greene, ME, as a child Dostie spent significant amounts of time outdoors and became interested in the wide variety of birds she saw in the woods. To better identify and spend more time with the birds, she began sketching them with pencil. Dostie’s initial forays into art were ultra-realistic interpretations, doing her best to replicate on paper the creatures she saw in the forests and on the rivers she explored.

At 6 years old, she began fishing with her mother and grandfather for brook trout. As a teen, flyfishing came into focus by way of her longtime partner, Elijah Miller. Dostie began flyfishing with him and his father and found it provided her with a new perspective, as well as new challenges.

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