Brita Fordice. Photo: Andrew Miller



Brita Fordice and the Art of Imitation

“Wanna see what a salmon fly tattoo on your stomach looks like after two kids?”

Brita Fordice rolls down the waistband of her shorts to reveal a splashy, colorful fly with a wide hook that resembles the letter J more than an actual hook. 

“It looks like a bird took a colorful shit on my stomach,” she says. 

We’re staying with Lacey Kelly, a Florida-born saltwater guide, who has taken us in and will be taking us out for a few days on the water. 

Just three girls hanging out around the Withlacoochee River west of Orlando…

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The Flyfish Journal Volume 14 Issue 1 Feature Seeing A Pattern

above Brita Fordice loves triggerfish. On Christmas Island in 2019, she caught several; with each hookup, she convinced photographer Andrew Miller to search out the triggers’ holes – large, coral-filled depressions in the surrounding flats – in order to cut off their escape and shorten the fight.

Photo: Andrew Miller


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