From loss comes opportunity–especially when it comes to the organization of one’s flies. Author Scott Sadil weighs in on the feng shui of fly box clutter.

…I wondered: “How wide did it have to open its mouth to get a fly that size down that deep?” Hunger, gluttony, greed: unrestrained voracity borne of fear of not getting your share. Most anglers understand that one, that’s for sure.

But something else was wrong. I noticed a fly box was missing when I reached for my stash of dry attractor patterns. I’ve never been organized enough to keep all of one kind of fly together, and I often just grab a box, open it, see a fly I like, and pluck it out. I’m sure I’m not the only one who fishes like this. I mean, I apply some order to things. But everything breaks down pretty fast when, say, I’m getting fish to rise without hooking them.

Still, there’s no point trying to convince myself otherwise. I lost the goddamn box…

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The Flyfish Journal Volume 3 Issue 2 Feature Lost and Found

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Photo: Barry and Cathy Beck


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