Photographer Damien Brouste is a lucky man. Growing up in a small village in France, Brouste was obsessed with all things fishing. After a suggestion by his girlfriend that they pack up and move to a tropical island, Brouste now resides on New Caledonia, a “special collectivity” of France located in the South Pacific some 750 miles off the east coast of Australia. Now Brouste spends his time shooting the sparkling flats of his new home; traveling the world shooting exotic species and, occasionally, returning the 10,000 miles to France for a little trout fishing. In “Listen to the Light”, his photo essay for The Flyfish Journal, we get a small sample of Brouste’s life and work. Some guys have all the luck.

Words: Steve Duda

Photographer Damien Brouste grew up in Simacourbe, a small village with more cows than humans in southwestern France. It’s a lovely place, just south of the city of Bordeaux and about an hour from both the Pyrenees Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Besides the world-class food and wine of the French countryside, there is plenty of fishing in the reaches of the Vezere, Dordogne, Tardoire and Touvre rivers.

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