Flyfishing means road trips and road trips mean music. The Flyfish Journal asked 15 writers to talk about the music that connects them to the road and our sport. From Miles to Motorhead, “Deep Cuts” digs into the iconic jams to discover just what spins a flyfisher’s wheels.

Lucinda Williams got it all on Car Wheels on a Gravel Road—from the swampy boogies that have you pouring coals on the gas pedal to the slow-burning and mesmerizing acoustic bleeders, all painfully exposing the trials, travails and failures of imperfect love. It’s an unabashed testament to our human fragility. Things come apart at the seams and go to absolute shit and then a kiss comes from nowhere.

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The Flyfish Journal Volume 5 Issue 1 Feature Deep Cuts

above “I think every flyfisherman has some sort of janky rod holder set up in their vehicle so that when you get to the river, you save the extra three minutes it would have taken to put your rod together. My friend Russ certainly does. The rods swing and bounce around all over the place and you have to reach up after every bump or hard corner to calm them down. We were just getting back into downtown Stillwater, WI after a long day on the St. Croiz River headed to the local watering hole when I snapped this pic.”

Photo: Robert Hawkins


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