The Flyfish Journal Turns 10


Though the idea had been lodged earlier, it was one particular moment 10 years ago that led to our steep launch on the Upper Rubicon.

At one of the first Fly Fishing Film Tours, bumping elbows with a couple hundred other sufferers of piscine DTs, one film distinctively stood out as a media salvo: Felt Soul’s release of Running Down the Man took a tired format and upended the model. Without guides, fishing celebrities, quarter-million-dollar boats, or corporate support, they pioneered a fishery in Baja requiring limitless attention, athleticism and Jedi response powers. And dune buggies. 

I wanted in…

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The Flyfish Journal Volume 10 Issue 1 Feature Clearly Absurd

above Filmmaker Travis Rummel (passenger) and angler Frank Smethurst (driver) traverse to a dry wash in a borrowed rail during the filming of Running Dawn the Man in the Sea of Cortez.

Photo: Ben Knight                                                  Volume Two, Issue Three


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