Miles Nolte and the finer points of flyfishing escapism–an examination of the flyfishing obsession.

…All fishermen are escapists, like alcoholics, adrenaline junkies, or television addicts (some of us are all of these things), we seek a way out of the drudgery that overwhelms everyday life. Fishing is a black hole of resources: time, money, mental energy. Many people have written of the virtues fishing teaches to the youth: patience, observance, silence, respect for wild places and an understanding of the importance of conservation. They claim these virtues transcend from the water to the office or the home. I say bullshit, that’s just an excuse to justify a constant vacillation between selfishness (fishing) and responsibility (work, family, etc). My patience on the river translates to an overwhelming impatience with being in an office or watching re-runs of Friends on the couch with a girlfriend. A true, bone-deep fishing jones has caused more than a few people to shirk all of their important responsibilities. I’ve given two hours notice, stripped healthy bank accounts, and left women crying in confused anger as I loaded up the truck, grabbed the dog and took off…

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