Guatemala city and landscape.



Back to Plan A: Panga Negotiations in Guatemala

“How do you say, ‘The most important part of our trip is to find the large fish eating the small fish’ or something like that?” I asked my wife, Sarah. She speaks Spanish fluently and often acts as my interpreter when we are south of the border.

“Lo cosa mas importante es encontrar un pez grande comiendose un pez pequeno,” she told me.

Sarah and I were on a small beachside deck in Guatemala and I had just finished a planning session with “the Fixer.” From what I had gathered earlier from the manager of our hotel, the Fixer was a local fisherman who could drive a boat to help me find what I was looking for. I had been in touch with the Fixer for months ahead of the trip. First, I sent him photos of Pacific sardines via WhatsApp and asked if he recognized them…

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