There’s a reason they call them fish stories–from guides to weekend warriors, author Paul Bruun discusses bullshitters, liars and the “science” of catch reports.

A friend who is addicted to the cachet of antique drift boats had an artist painstakingly detail a 21-inch cutthroat trout along the forward waterline on one of his venerable relics.

“What’s that fancy fish all about?” I asked innocently, knowing this guy’s reasoning is sound but often makes colorful detours.

“I’m sick and tired of these so-called ‘guides’ spouting off about all the 21-inch trout they’re catching. Anything that resembles 16 inches and they call it a 20 plus. That’s what a real 21-inch cutthroat looks like,” he barked.

I was so glad I asked.

Stick around fly shops, boat ramps, saloons, or, forgive me, church socials and, eventually, the ones with the best fishing stories stand out in the crowd…

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