In many ways, the coastline of County Cork, Ireland, is perfect for fishing. Warm Gulf Stream currents, numerous headlands and a diversity of sandy bays and rocky gullies provide structure and food for sea bass. Rupert Harvey, Shane O’Reilly, James Barry and Myles Kelly (pictured L to R) know access can be tricky, with a whole lot of slipping and sliding down to rocky ledges before clambering back up again in the dark.



The Searcher: Seaside in Ireland

“Oh no.”

Rupert and I look at each other. It takes a moment, but then we realize the same thing Ben has. 

“Oh shit,” Rupert says. 

It’s 5 a.m. in Youghal, County Cork. The Irish dawn is breaking overhead. We’re tired; this is the third and last day of our trip, and we’re up early. We were late to bed too. Rupert was up past midnight tying flies for the morning session. Ben was busy downloading the day’s photographs. In the rush to pack up and leave our Airbnb, none of us have remembered the key fob that we need to open the main gate. It’s sitting on the kitchen table, in the apartment we can no longer access… 

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