The Quiet Season: A Brief History of Camp Sherman, OR

I first met Chuck, the fishing specialist behind the counter at Anderson’s Sporting Goods in Corvallis, OR, on a sunny March day nearly 30 years ago. Chuck was part of the red-plaid world—he lived hunting and fishing, and he was as traditional as it got. He had the right look, athletic and outdoorsy, with a trim mustache and a slight tan even in early spring. Behind the counter, sleeves rolled up, reading glasses balanced near the end of his nose, he fiddled with a reel.  

“Hiya, can I help you?” he asked. Instead of the usual “just looking,” I piped right up, “I’m looking for a good all-around rod for the trout around here, and some flies.” 

Chuck pointed me in the right direction. Going a bit further, I went on, “I’m here on a six-month temporary transfer. Is there good fishing nearby?”… 

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