Kate Sherin manages a swing among fall colors on Nova Scotia’s Margaree River. Photo: Scotty Sherin



Salmon Economics in Nova Scotia

Occasionally, someone will ask what it costs to get into flyfishing. I’m always hesitant to answer. Like most things, the reply is invariably, “it depends.” And I’m reluctant to add up how much money I’ve spent on gear and travel. 

But there’s also worth. While price can be quantified, worth is a calculation of price less depreciation and it has a subjective aspect to it. At least that’s how my mother would put it when one of my poorly thought-out plans backfired. “Well, I hope it was worth it.” It usually was.

Finally, you have to consider the value of the thing. The most important and personal means of measuring as it includes both the tangible and intangible.

Price, worth, value. 

Take Atlantic salmon fishing on the Margaree River in Nova Scotia.

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