The most loathed and misunderstood fish in the West. From “Montana handshakes” to deep meditations, the lowly whitefish gets its due.

Words: Scott Bowen, John Hold, Kea C Hause esq., Greg Keeler

“So I fished, and caught about ten “silver bullets,” and another dozen brown trout that fought in ways I’d never seen browns fight, such as leaping purposefully towards the boat to grab enough slack to break off.

Maybe I’m just an Easterner who, like all Easterners, should have no opinion about how things are “done in the West.” Assassinate prairie dogs with AR-15s, kill wild bison that might wander into grazing land, and hurl whitefish to the bank–that’s is just how it’s done.

Then again, anyone who liberates suffocating suckers might be considered one himself.”
—Scott Bowen

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