Rachel Finn Gallery

Rachel Finn: And the Art of Being There

Rachel Finn seems slightly out of her element. In spite of her stated misgivings that such a thing as “women’s flyfishing” exists, she’s agreed to be a presenter for the Women’s Flyfishing Showcase at the 2016 Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ. At the back of a roomful of people who have gathered for her talk, she wears a lightweight bathrobe and a beat-up ball cap with a sweat-bleached Rorschach pattern. 

She walks to the front with a stuffed rolltop pack where, after a cursory reminder of the subject at hand, she opens her robe to reveal what she’s really talking about when she talks about layering—her body in its unvarnished early-50s glory, clad only in a sports bra and briefs. 

The crowd erupts in wild applause and hoots of approval—the loudest coming from the other women in the room, anglers all, ranging in experience from one season to well over 50…

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