For some reason, the sport of flyfishing seems to encourage our vices. Out on the water, there is license for all sorts of foolishness and in some circles, deviant behavior seems to actually be encouraged. The Flyfish Journal asked 14 of our favorite writers to ‘fess up to their flyfishing-related vices and what we ended up with is a shameful catalogue of childish pranks, poor decisions, quasi-legal activities and the public display of immaturity as a virtue. Sounds like fun!

Words: Steve Culton, Steve Duda, Loren Elliott, Dominic Garnett, Andrew C. Gottlieb, Quinn Grover, John Holt, James Joiner, Joey Mara, Jason Lee Rolfe, Cameron Scott, Mike Sepelak, Franklin Tate, Mike Tea

Why can’t I quit you, gas station breakfast burrito? My mind knows that beneath your shiny foil exterior hides a delicious lie, a meal that will manifest itself in late-morning stomach flips and dangerously unstable gastric palpitations. Your age is unclear—the red heat of the lamp keeps you warm and soft—but when were you rolled down the metal chute to rest snug against your compadres? Was it early this morning? An hour ago? Sometime last night? Are you a daylong stowaway? Did they put you out yesterday, gas station breakfast burrito?Subscribe to start your collection of the world’s best flyfishing publication.


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