Since he first laid eyes on them as a small boy, photographer Corey Kruitbosch has a thing for the rivers of Northern California—especially the Trinity River. His photo gallery, Steelhead Gothic, captures the northern California river in all its steelhead-tinted allure. He writes, “Even now, that hauntingly beautiful wilderness, with its singular fish, meandering rivers and special memories, maintains a power over me that I cherish. Every autumn, when the skies turn grey and the rain comes down, Northern California still calls to me.”

Words: Corey Kruitbosch

My first look at the rivers of Northern California was on a family trip. We’d traveled up the coast along the scenic Avenue of the Giants, overshadowed by the towering redwoods and dotted by Bigfoot statues. We crossed a bridge over Highway 1 and as I glanced down at the winding strip of turquoise passing beneath, the question rang in my mind: “What are the fish that travel this river?”

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