Sometimes, we take flyfishing a little too seriously. Lest we forget the moments of failure can be equally entertaining, a gallery of some of the lighter moments of life on the water.Pardon my French, but shit happens. It happens to all anglers at one time or another, and if it hasn’t, you’re not spending enough time on the water.

I’m speaking, of course, about those infamous dunks in the river and botched poser shots where the fish simply won’t behave. Darwinian moments that rarely occur when we’re alone, but never fail to unfold when there’s an audience. They happen when preening, making a bold (i.e. foolish) maneuver in moving water, or when we’re simply smiling and playing hero to a Nikon point-and-shoot. If you’re lucky, you walk away a touch humiliated but no worse for wear. Sometimes, however, on those rare occasions, someone catches the moment on camera…

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The Flyfish Journal Volume 3 Issue 2 Feature The Art of Fail

above Our mothers always said, “Don’t fish near the power lines”.

Photo: Copi Vojta


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