Boy meets girl. Girl buys old diesel Dodge. Boy quits job. They hit the road for the next two years, chasing Baja roosterfish, British Columbian steelies, and mouse-seeking AK rainbows.

Words: Justin Crump, Kate Taylor, and Tim Pask

“Snow was falling outside, and I was dreaming of Alaska. Two-and-a-half-months had passed, and not one day transpired without the memories of Nanci’s lodge or anticipation for the upcoming season. Justin abruptly broke my daydream to tell me he quit his job—without a care, plan, or dime. I only knew this meant freedom. He pointed out that we could head down to Baja in the spring and chase roosterfish.

Selling his car and a boat motor for gas money, we packed the camper and headed to Mexico. Two thousand miles flipped on the old Dodge’s tripometer as we rolled into the southern tip of Baja. My bone white feet were about to browned with five weeks of desert heat.”

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