A cute, young flyfisherman.



When writer Aimee Eaton’s son, Gus, was a mere six months old, she and her husband decided to sell nearly everything they owned, move out of their home and spend a year traveling the United States in a fifth-wheel trailer, fishing for every major game species that can be caught on a fly rod. It is a tale filled with adventure, lots of fish, near-disaster and plenty of love.

Words: Aimee Eaton

It takes two days for me to hook a tarpon from the canoe, and another two before Gus goes over the side. The tarpon is a juvenile, but without effort it straightens my 10-weight and before I can react it climbs a mangrove and snaps the leader. Gus going over the side happens almost as quick. He leans down to try and splash in the water but can’t quite reach. A little hop sends him head first over the gunwale. He’s in a life jacket and Mike manages to grab him before his feet are even wet but I still feel like the worst parent in the world. Three days later he goes over again, this time laughing. We fish him out, set him in the bottom and keep casting. Silently I thank the inventor of life jackets…

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