FisheWear Leggings

When I mentioned to a friend that I’d be writing a review on a pair of leggings I just got, he was genuinely confused: How much could you possibly write about a pair of leggings? This seems like an obvious reaction—leggings are hardly the most high-tech gear in my fishing kit; if used correctly, they […]

Vedavoo River Quiver

In 2009 Scott Hunter started Vedavoo out of his garage, teaching himself to sew on a Craigslist-scored sail-making machine. Over the next eight years the company has grown to employ a small army of seven employees, stitching up American made flyfishing gear out of its Massachusetts workshop. Vedavoo has become synonymous with quality handmade gear […]

Scott Fly Rod Fuzzy Dice

Above Rearview ornamentals, important pieces of a road ready fishing rig. Alpine Angling and Roaring Fork Anglers rolled the dice and hired me—part time shop dude. Crazy, but they actually gave me a key to the store. I only left the front door unlocked after closing time twice and the register was usually pretty dang […]

Patagonia Stormfront 30l Pack

Above Masha, off-leash and doing her best to find rattlesnakes in the deserts of eastern Washington as Jason Rolfe does his best to keep her out of the snake-hiding grass. One of the cool things about the Patagonia 30l Stormfront pack in the Cusco Orange color, is that it multi-tasks for me in multiple ways. […]


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