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Scott Fly Rod Fuzzy Dice

Loaded to Come up Winners

Above Rearview ornamentals, important pieces of a road ready fishing rig.

Alpine Angling and Roaring Fork Anglers rolled the dice and hired me—part time shop dude. Crazy, but they actually gave me a key to the store. I only left the front door unlocked after closing time twice and the register was usually pretty dang close to being even every time. I know my limitations, but I think those guys really liked me. They threw a damn good going away party when I moved to Bellingham, WA.

As a new shop employee, I was always star-struck when Frank Smethurst (star of the Felt Soul Media movies Running Down the Man and Eastern Rises) would call the shop looking to schedule sales meetings. He’d ask for Jeff Dysart or Tony Fotopolous and get stuck with me. Being low man on the totem pole meant little to no schwag, so I’d try and work the reps every chance I got. I’d pester Frank about the sweet green Scott Fly Rod fuzzy dice and how I needed a pair for my ’85 Toyota. One day, when Frank was in the shop—he must have had enough pestering. He went out to the parking lot and pulled the pair from the Scott van’s rearview. I couldn’t believe it. Part of me felt like an asshole for bugging Frank so much, but he smiled and left them on the counter for me to adopt.

scott flyrod, fuzzy dice, flyfishing

Above Fuzzy dice make for a nice road companion when the passenger seat is empty, Cadillac or not.

They’ve been bouncing from the rearview of multiple Toyota trucks ever since, collecting my winning flies, rejects and retirees. Recently the string connecting the two die gave way, so one now sits in a puddle of dust on a cracked dashboard. The sun has bleached most everything to a light pastel and the odd-looking ornament gets all sorts of inquiries from drive-thru employees. It’s a nice touch to the atmosphere of the cab and helps to keep the fishing stoke high when commuting to not-fishing. I’m psyched to retire it soon and start fresh. I’ve got my eye out for a kid needing some hand-me-down stoke.

What I really mean to say is that these dice go hard in the rearview and are loaded to come up winners. Let’s roll.

Score your own pair of Scott’s reissued mirror dice for 14 bucks from Scott Fly Rods. 

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