Pride of Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is a hardened place that spans over 27.5 million acres and features the planet’s most massive wild salmon runs. As well, it is ground zero for both commercial and sport fishers whose livelihoods depend on the pristine condition of these waters. While recent victories have given heart to fishers and fish consumers alike, the work continues. Along with protecting the headwaters against industrial activity, it is equally critical to develop sustainable fishery practices and transparency. With a commitment to both, the Pride of Bristol Bay company is leading the way with traceable products, sustainability, and delectable wild sockeye.

Pride of Bristol Bay is where family fishing operations merge with state of the art technology: You can now track your salmon—from the day it was harvested to the moment their top shelf sockeye fillets arrive at your home. Orders placed through come in two shipping options: 10lb and 20lb orders. Stock up with wild Bristol Bay sockeye, the world’s best tasting salmon, and avoid farmed frankenfish at the supermarket.

The 2021 season was Bristol Bay’s highest recorded harvest since Alaska Department of Fish & Game began managing the fishery in 1959—a stunning 65 million fish! With a strong harvest to match, the traceability and accountability of Pride of Bristol Bay’s product stands out. Now you can support fishing families who support conservation, clean water and a sustainable wild salmon fishery—and feed your own family with restaurant quality sockeye. And all of Pride of Bristol Bay’s fish come with a freshness guarantee, from the boat to your kitchen.

While Alaska’s state constitution protects wild salmon—biologists control the length and timing of each season, harvesting reports, and size of each gillnet—The Pride of Bristol Bay takes even greater care with every sockeye they catch. The sea-to-plate era is here: support a fishing future for Alaska with Pride of Bristol Bay, and enjoy the healthiest, most delicious fish on the planet.

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